Shipping & Returns

We hope that you will love what you’ve bought. However, if for any reason your purchase is not right for you, we will reimburse you or send you a garment in another colour, another size, or another style. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.You may return any garment by post to, or in person at, our store on Rachel Street, within 30 days of the date of purchase. All garments must be returned or exchanged in their original condition (neither laundered nor worn, with the original sticker).

Return by post:

  • On your receipt, please circle the garments you would like to return and indicate the reason for their return.
  • Wrap and hermetically seal the garments to be returned, if possible in the original packaging, ensuring that you have included the duly completed receipt.
  • Affix the Canada Post return-shipping sticker on the packaging, making sure you remove any other shipping sticker that might have previously been on the package.
  • If you are using a provided shipping sticker, send the package to the closest Canada Post post office or drop it in a Canada Post mailbox.