Down is beloved for its suppleness, softness, and shaping qualities. Our down insulation is Canadian Hutterite White Duck Down (90% Net Down). These free range ducks are farmed to feed the small Canadian communities they are raised in and are carefully monitored on site to ensure their health. This ethically-sourced, traceable down is highly sought after around the world.

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Synthetic insulation is part of the Kanuk Heritage. We have been using it as our primary insulator for close to 50 years, and with good reason: it is simply the best protection against humid weather conditions. Another advantage of our synthetic insulation is that it offers more choices for our clients who prefer vegan options without sacrificing on warmth.


This insulation is by far our warmest in cold and humid weather conditions. Thermo+ uses a continuous fibre network that creates a more rigid form and greater loft. It also keeps its architectural integrity for maximum durability. Our coats are carefully architectured and designed to adapt to the challenges of an urban winter garment.


This insulation is a slightly softer and more flexible variation that allows for more style options and comfort while retaining its humidity-defying properties.