Our history

Our history

In the 1970s, to get high quality outdoors gear adapted to our climate, we had no choice but to make it ourselves. It's during that era that Kanuk, a Quebec company, was founded by Louis Grenier, an avid outdoorsman who loves winter. He surrounded himself with a team that shared the same passion for winter activities, and Kanuk's first model was produced: the Kangourou anorak that opens under the armpits for better ventilation.  The first Kanuk parka followed, insulated with synthetic materials to protect against humidity. They all had the firmly held belief that Quebec, with its extreme temperatures, winds, storms, and its high humidity caused by proximity to the St. Lawrence River required the crafting of coats that are warm, well-tailored, well-stitched, high-performance, and timeless. Their first clients, explorers and passionate outdoorsmen, were instantly seduced. They wore their coats in the city and spoke of their comfort to friends and family who, in turn, talked about it... Word of mouth worked its magic and Kanuk became the strong company it is today.

More than forty years later, Kanuk continues to rely on its unparallelled expertise in winter clothing: coats made in Quebec for extreme climates.

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  • The Kanuk brand


    Kanuk brand coats are available in a wide variety of models and colours, and in eight different sizes. They are built to last, even if their cuts follow fashion trends. Creating outerwear that is flattering to all shapes and sizes is also important for our designers. Without, of course, compromising on comfort. Kanuk coats are long lasting because we invest in superior quality materials and workmanship.


    The St. Lawrence River is what causes our low altitude climate, which means long, wet winters. Kanuk coats are designed and manufactured in Quebec. Warm, high-performance, and durable coats that observe the highest standards for quality. We have developed sewing techniques that improve our coat's insulating properties. Very few seams penetrate the coat, which prevents heat from escaping. This technique, the basis for Kanuk's manufacturing standards, was perfected over the years and is the secret that makes Kanuk coats so warm.

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  • Synthetic insulation and fabrics

    The use of synthetic materials and insulation that repel humidity is the basis for the comfort and legendary warmth of Kanuk garments. Despite the efficiency of classic insulators when dry, these materials lose their insulation properties when wet and are very slow to dry. The arrival of new synthetic insulators was a major step forward, and Kanuk made the most of it. They repel humidity and keep the body warm, whatever the activity. They represent the best protection in extreme winter weather conditions.

  • The snowy owl


    The snowy owl on Kanuk's logo symbolizes how Quebecers have adapted to the cold. Bright white with piercing yellow eyes, the snowy owl lives in the Great North and is easily recognizable even at first glance. Its natural habitat is the arctic tundra. The logo was drawn by Kanuk's founder in the 70s, more than ten years before the snowy owl became the official bird of Quebec in 1987.

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