Our Tips

Our garments are constructed to last and are made to be cleaned by home washers and dryers, making them incredibly easy to maintain. Here are some cleaning, storage and maintenance tips that will help you Kanuk garment for many years.

Maintenance legend

  • Nettoyage
  • Cleaning

    Washing your coat without damaging it, whether it's a synthetic or thindown insulated winter coat, a soft shell or a rain wear.

    • Do not dry clean.
    • Wash in cold water in a front-loading washing machine. *
    • Tumble dry in cold air for all coats, except those with Thindown insulation that must tumble dry at medium temperature.
    • Do not wash the fur (refer the Fur Maintenance section).
    • Do not bleach (never use soap or stain removers that contain bleach).
    • Do not iron.
    • Unzip your coat and take the hood out of the collar (if applicable).

    Some fabric protectors and stain removers can stain your coat. We recommend to always test those products on a concealed area of your coat.

    * You must wash your coat in a front-loading washing machine. Newer top-loading machines that do not have an agitator will produce worse results than a front-loading machine. Kanuk coats do not absorb water and will tend to float in top-loading machines without an agitator. The results: An ineffective wash and poor rinsing.

  • Storage

    Store your coat with fur somewhere cool and dry.*

    • Plastic bags and containers do not let air, and therefore humidity, flow, which can accelerate the drying out of the fur collar leather.
    • Cedar absorbs a lot of humidity and will also contribute to drying out the fur trim.
    • Mothballs release a gas that will quickly damage the leather.
    • Delicately place the fur in a large paper bag or a shoe box, without crushing it.
    • Never put the fur in the freezer. The air inside a freezer is much too dry for the fur trim and will also dry out the leather.

    * If there is no fur on your coat, you can leave it in a regular closet.

  • Entreposage
  • Fourrure
  • Natural Fur

    Trust professionals.

    • Do not dry clean
    • Fur must be cleaned by a specialist.
    • Protect the fur trim from friction and rubbing (i.e. repetitive rubbing against a bag's strap that could quickly and permanently damage your fur trim).
    • Even if fur is water and snow resistant, avoid getting it soaked. If the fur gets soaked, shake it off as soon as possible to remove excess water
    • Brush it occasionally to restore its volume.
    • For any questions regarding repairs or maintenance, consult a professional furrier
  • Synthetic Fur

    • Hand wash or machine wash with programming for wool
    • No spin
    • No dryer
    • Roll in a towel and hang
    • Once the fur is dry, brush in small bundles of hair. Use a brush with spaced teeth.
  • Fourrure synthétique