• Our mission is to share our impeccably handcrafted outerwear and Canadian mastery of winter warmth with the world.

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  • EST. 1970, MTL

    Kanuk is an independent Canadian outerwear company. Kanuk has designed and crafted outerwear from a small factory in the heart of Montréal for close to 50 years. Our designs are born of our environment, meticulously architected to protect against nature’s extreme weather conditions.

    All our products are inspired by function and crafted for form. Given the lasting quality of our garments, our styles of yesterday and today intermingle seamlessly in the environment where they were born.

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  • 485 rue rachel

    What began as experiment on how to fend off extreme Canadian cold by the teenaged son of a garment family grew into local legend. His meticulously architected coats caught on with friends and family and soon after became the street wear of choice during our long, harsh winters. The storefront and factory at 485 rue Rachel, as well as the entrenched legacy of the warmth our garments provide, have endured.

    To this day, we stand by the belief that our outerwear should be made in the climate for which it is created. While our styles are updated for the times, our commitment to protection from the elements is unwavering.