Client care

Your future winters will be much warmer with your new Kanuk coat. Trust the thousands of Quebecers that have worn them: Kanuk coats are beautiful, light, warm, durable, and very comfortable. Our products are made to last and we guarantee each and every one of them. The Kanuk lifetime guarantee covers any manufacturing or material defects. This guarantee does not cover repairs resulting from accidents, misuse, neglect, or normal wear and tear. The Kanuk guarantee does not cover products that have been modified in any way. If a product has a manufacturing defect, Kanuk will repair it or replace, at its discretion, free of charge (postal rates apply). You can count on Kanuk.


    For a small fee, we can touch up your coat in our workshop. Simply stop by our store in Montreal, where we will take measurements. Your coat will be altered by one of our craftspeople using the same sewing machine, thread, and lockstitch techniques used in the Kanuk workshop. We will contact you by phone when your coat is ready and you can either come pick it up or we can mail it to you (postal rates apply).

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    If the repairs are covered by the Kanuk guarantee, we will take care of them, free of charge. If it's not, we'll offer our repair service. We will submit an estimate before doing any work on the garment. Repairs will take place in our workshops using the same sewing machine, thread, and lockstitch techniques used in all Kanuk workshops. Our craftspeople are truly excellent, and, while they can't work miracles, they can increase a coat's lifespan (postal rates apply).


    The client must provide their coat, freshly cleaned, along with their contact information (address, phone number, and email), the description of the work that needs to be undertaken, and a copy of the receipt at the following address (postal rates apply). They can also bring it in personally. Here's how to reach us: Email : [email protected] Phone : 514 284-4494 or 1 877 284-4494 (toll free) Kanuk repair service 485, rue Rachel Est, Montreal (QC) H2J 2H1.

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